Gallery 2018

Photos from race registration & start line. All Photos by Kevin O Connor Here

Charleville Half Marathon 2018 Finish Line Album 1 by Kevin O Connor Here

Finish line and approach album 1 All taken by Michael Herlihy  Here

Cork Running Blog have a number of photos

…a) Pre-Race
…b) Just after the start
…c) Finish 1h 04m – 1h 23m
…d) Finish 1h 23m – 1h 34m
…e) Finish 1h 34m – 1h 45m
…f) Finish 1h 45m – 1h 56m
…g) Finish 1h 56m – 2h 07m
…h) Finish 2h 07m – 2h 39m